Squad: RNAS-4
Aeroplane: Sopwith 1.5 Strutter No. 674
Name: Flight SubLt. Dudley Doorite
Observer: Lieutenant Eric Askew

Date: 05 August 1916
Time: 6h56m
Duty: Artillery Spotting east of Ypres
Lead: Flight Lt Parker

Hostiles Encountered: About 3 EA Fokker Eindeckers

Narrative: Flight of four took off at 6.56, weather mostly cloudy with cumulus clouds. Escorted by 2 French Nieuport 11s in a fine show of interservice cooperation.

Over the lines E of Ypres we encountered at least three Eindeckers at about 6,000 feet. I quickly came behind one and fired several bursts tearing fabric. He fell, but recovered. At least one EA circled behind me, but between my observer and a wingmate he was too busy to fire. I turned into him, as did a third aeroplane and we chased him to the ground in no man's land.

Lost contact with all FA and returned to base.

Claims: None.


I never knew what 'empty skies' meant until I turned off the labels. (Doorite's flying under 'A' rules.) Time and time again I finish a dogfight just to wonder where everyone else has wandered to.