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I'm sorry for creating problems

You didn't create them, MudWasp - you only made them visible.
It would have been the same with any other flyer.
I think we are on a good way to improve our DiD Campaign quite a bit.

Quite right, and the problem made visible is that WOFF is too easy, at least on the settings some of us are using.

I suspect that one possible 'too easy' issue is that the Eindeckers are just too fragile; it seems that only a few hits will finish them off in many cases. The only solution there is to have the developers take a second look at the damage model, and that probably isn't going to happen as they are too busy.

The other 'too easy' problem is that people are using 'magic powers' such as labels and gun-sight views. The cure for that is to limit yourself to what you can see from the cockpit view with TrackIR and your naked eyeball. If we don't want video-game-style results, then we shouldn't playing WOFF with video-game aids and settings. The solution is not to change the accounting of kills, but to make kills harder to achieve.

p.s. We should all double check that we don't have 'AI always engages' checked in the workshop, as that could trigger fight-to-the-death dogfights with a high number of kills.