Alright, MudWasp, it wasn't my day either - I made three corrections for the chart.
That scramble egg I use for a brain... maybe add some salt & pepper? ...

Carrick, you "iron-bum" - when I meet you in my Roland, we can have a battle!
Do you have a forward gun? You are doing fine - carrick on!

Hasse, I just had an hour-long art.obs. trip, where I had to lead 3 more Rolands.
Damn, that was my first bigger lead, and I felt VERY uncomfortable - planes left and right
of me - I had to pay double attention all the time. And on return to base we even got jumped.
I though by a Bristol, which we had seen lower before. But it was a Strutter two-seater,
and he attacked us. When I swung round and took him on, he suddenly ran!
I emptied my whole magazine after him, and - really! - the Blighter sinks and has to put
his kite down on a meadow! My third victory!

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