Interesting thread as everyone is trying to come up with a good, balanced simulation to historical experience.

I think Lou has come up with some great points on valuations. Clearly, valuate sorties and flying time well above victories and not emphasize kills. This was I think Olham's original intention.

As to generating less EA, I usually fly in a quiet zone when flying WOFF anyway. My setting was on medium activity and I fly mostly 1916. The encounters I thought were quite realistic. I fly with no aids, so I may have been missing a/c. But there were days on end when no encounters occurred; and then several in a row when I saw something or an EA attacked. I typically was not the aggressor because I wanted to see how long I could I would do in R/L. When DID was created this was a good fit for me.

Using light activity setting in high and medium zones might solve the problem of over emphasis on encounters and create a more realistic balance.

I'm fine though with whatever the final structure is..DID is a terrific idea for WOFF.

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