Yesterday, I awoke extra early and flew DiD while the grandkids slept. Didn't have time to report until today.

Aarik's first flight in Jasta 14 down in Alsace was calm at first, then very dicey. Hauptmann Alfons lead the two of them to the front lines down past St Die for patrol. Aarik flew above and behind Alfons and all seemed quiet until they began the return to base leg. Alfons then suddenly changed direction and fled towards Aarik who spotted a Nieup on his tail. Aarik dove on the Nieup setting it's engine smoking and then noticed a second Nieup straight ahead and a little above. He did the same to that Nieup before pulling a hammarhead and finishing it off.

The first nieup had changed direction, left the fight and was headed back to the front lines, presumably for home. Alfons decides to chase this Nieup for about 20 minutes. Losing sight of Alfons, and not wanting to go deep into enemy territory, Aarik remained in a holding pattern over the front. Soon Alfons returns, engine smoking and a Nieup on his tail. Aarik saved him from becoming Nieup target practice, only to see Alfons loose altitude and crash into a wooded mountain. The debriefing showed Aarik took out 3 Nieups.