I like the dots at 4000 (m/ft?)

to give an example why.... near my village is a RC airclub that puts on a big airshow every sommer. The distance from my house is about 2km. Now there are some very nice ww1 RC planes on the larger size that fly formations, fight etc... I can hear them flying so I go for a walk to see them. And beleave me its quite easy to a trained simmers eyes to look at the ww1 aircraft and know which one it is, which is quite something given the distance and the scale of the models themselves (and my age plus glasses etc)

point is the sim itself renders very poor images of aircraft even when closer, and if wasn't for dots on you'd never see them. Most pilots back then were very young and had good eye sight, plus anything that moves is spotted easier. I'll be flying with Track Ir on, with dots, which still means I have look around to find the dots..or not depending where they caome from.

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