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I was once shown a Frisian poem and it was very similar to English!
Maybe you are flying on the wrong side...

I am not flying for der Kaiser, Jim - I fly there, because they have the Albatros.
And another strong reason is: they just have the interesting paint jobs!

Yes, the old Frisian language (which died) was spoken from southern Denmark over
the northwestern coastal area of Germany to the Netherlands. It is even related to
the Flamish in Belgium.
Then England and English language was also much influenced by the Norwegian Vikings,
who landed and settled along the English northeastern coast.

So in the end it looks like all the countries with a coast at the North Sea - or at
least their coastal regions - are somewhat related to each other.
The old Kingdom of Hannover is related to the British Royal family.

PS: In real life I would never want to fire at an Englishman (nor a French or Belgian) -
I like our neighbours; they all have enriched my life with their ways and habits,
their cooking and brewing, their songs and poetry; and they all have wonderful countries
with beautiful landscapes to travel through.
Europe is what we should have struggled for 100 years ago - imagine where we could have
been with those huge investments...

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