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I'm finding it a bit difficult to survive as an observer (just the guns with auto pilot) in either a BE2 or FE2b in the Flanders area. Every mission, I run into no less than 5 EIIIs who eat me alive. I can't seem to survive past 1-3 missions. It was a fluke one time that I managed to survive 6 missions.

It's kindda frustrating and I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing or am I playing it the wrong way?

If you're still practicing for DiD then might as well just jump in. You'll never really master the BE2 or FE2b but you may survive long enough to transfer to a scout squad smile2 You can also start in the Strutter where you will have a much better chance of survival as it can fight.

WOFF throws more fighters at you than in real life as it would be a boring game if it modeled reality exactly. But what you're experiencing is why pilots only survived an average of 17 hours of combat flying in WW1. It was really dangerous out there, and maybe even a little more so in WOFF.

So if you want to start DiD in a BE2 or FE2b then I would start now with the goal of logging your 3 hours of flight time (about 4 missions) and then transferring to a scout squad. You never know, you might make it! And if not WOFF will have another pilot ready for you the next day smile2

Dogfighting is what you do "after" you drop your bombs and blow something up!
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