Action report of August 13.1916

Dawnpatrol: Raiding Thiencourt Airfield

Thenault, Johnson, Johnson(me), and Lufbery were tasked to raid said airfield. Eventless, until 2 aviatiks showed up and were inbound to land. We attacked them, but today we were not able to put one down, they managed to emergency land at the airfield. This shows the disadvantage of the Nuieports, the lack of ammuntion.
We emptied our ammodrums and head back for breakfast. The airfield remained untouched.

Afternoonpatrol:Recon Abschnitt VF8177

Eventless, due to heavy weather and very low visibilty. Lost Prince, Johnson, and McConnell at Turnpoint 2. Proceeded, went up to 3000m as ordered, and saw nothing due to heavy clouding. Dived down to about 1000m just to see...nothing. Heading for Behonne thinking of a warm tub and a hot plate for dinner, and landed the kite safely. I wll never get used to the landing characteristics of the "Bebe".

We had no losses, so we have had a dinner with all 12 chaps, when Thenault raised his glass, and said, that my 1st victory was confirmed. So, this day will end at the bar, having drinks on me.

"What the hell do I care, I know I got them!" Raul Lufberry

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