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You said "On bombing missions I identified the rail line that the yard sits on and planned my approach on that. Your flight will drop bombs when you do."

How do you idenfify the rail line? There is not enough info in pre-flight screen to do this and sometimes the junction is not easy to identify on Lou's map when there are multiple rail lines in the area with junctions.

If you zoom in on the debrief screen map and compare it to Lou's map (I originally used the version without infantry positions etc) you would have to be unlucky to not be able to discern which railyard you are looking for. Here's an example from early in Algernon's career, showing how I planned my attack.

As it is, I actually veered too far north and became lost. I realised this when I saw the town of Lens coming up ahead. Looking at the map I quickly found the rail line that curved back south and used that to guide me in.