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Yep,amazing ! He survived a first plane crash in Feb 1916 with two broken legs and the stick breaking his jaw. Then later in May 1917 they had to move him to a place with a hospital nearby as he had to go there after each and every flight. Then a terrible car accident in October sends him back to hospital ! Don't know how he managed to fly after that until the end of the war !
And all this to finally disappear somewhere in the Atlantic with "L'oiseau Blanc" while attempting the first crossing...

His medical record is jawdropping (yeah, I know, sorry).
According to the aerodrome:

"Skull fracture, brain concussion, internal injuries (multiple), five fractures of the upper jaw, two fractures of lower jaw, piece of anti-aircraft shrapnel imbedded in right arm, dislocation of knees (left and right), re-dislocation of left knee, bullet wound in mouth, bullet wound in ear, atrophy of tendons in left leg, atrophy of muscles in calf, dislocated clavicle, dislocated wrist, dislocated right ankle, loss of teeth, contusions too numerous to mention."

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