Most everything we need is written in the pilot log.
Jim, you could cancel the question "How often were you wounded?" - I lost count
of that anyway, and it is of no relevance for our valuation.

My pilot could leave hospital and fly today, but on his first mission, he and his wingman got under attack again.
We had climbed higher than ever before, but 4 Nieuport 17 from different directions - all at least 400 meters lower
than us - managed to not only chase after us, but they even also climbed to our altitude and engaged us!
They must have had early turbo boosters, or what?

I must say I am pretty much annoyed by now by this over-lethality.
While the RL flyers often had many missions on a string without any combat,
we seem to be THE target No. 1 all the time.
Another 5 days wounded - but we don't have enough planes left anyway...

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