Hasse, the escorts usually fly to waypoint 2 and circle there, while we often climb
a long time at waypoint 1, they often fly home, when we arrive.
I checked that several times with my other pilots, with Labels and TAC on.
When you don't climb so long and proceed to waypoint 2, you may catch them.
And then their "activity Labels" change from "on transit" to "escorting ...".
Now the question is: can we continue the climbing at waypoint 2, and will they follow?
Didn't check that out yet.

Originally Posted By: MFair
Not easy all the time but I have hit my home field all three times.
Must admit it took me 30 min. of searching the last time.

I guess after 20 missions you will recognise your homefield by the surroundings, MFair!

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