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I have questions for the 'A' pilots out there:

1) Engine Mixture: How does this work? What's good under what circumstance? Is it altitude based?

2) Bombing missions: Lou's maps are indeed excellent and I've used them to find large things: Cities, the front line. Sometimes it's really hard to tell where 'Railroad junction X' is however. Also, I thought if you were flight leader your team didn't bomb until you told them to. How do you do that with no TAC?

3) 'Dots': I'm getting fairly good at seeing 'dots' coming, but tiny specks that might be airplanes... are still pretty elusive. Any tips for making noticing them easier?

I am only a "B+" pilot (B with external nav map) but I can give some answers :

1/ Engine mixture : Full rich to start on take off and landing, then start leaning over 3000 ft and continue leaning as you climb. Watch your tachometer and lean until you get the highest RPM.
Not sure in WOFF but it can be very different settings from one plane to the other in RoF.
I use one of the levers of my Saitek quadrant. This is still working the same way on modern GA piston prop planes.

2/ Bombing : no choice, you have to briefly turn on the TAC on "structures" or "ground units", designate and order your wingman to attack.

3/ Dots : get closer until you can identify ! smile2

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