Sub Flight Ltn. Eastwood
July 30.
Arty spotting southeast of Nieuport. Flight Ltn. Marshall and myself reached target without incident. He spotted an HA below us and maneuvered for an attack. He had him dead to rights and I stayed a little above and behind. He sent the Hun to his grave and I rejoined. Continuing our mission another showed up. The one HA soon turned to 3. While Ltn. Marshall tangled with 1 I took on the other 2. After a brief fight it was 1 on 1 and I soon hit his engine and he was dead stick. I pulled in behind and finished the job. Having had enough I returned to base. Marshall filed a claim for 1 and I filed a claim for 2.

Note: This is my 1st video and it starts with the second fight. No editing. I will have to learn that later. Any hints or criticism of my tactics or flying is appreciated. No offence will be taken.

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