I also fly the Strutter with reduced fuel though I am not 100% sure it makes much difference in terms of performance. I drop the bombs if I have to dogfight but I do that more because it is historically accurate to do so.

Olham, I hope Bernhard receives that transfer he is wanting. I am sure he will make a fine scout pilot.

Robert, you made note of how Squadron Commander Ward's DH.2 escorts never returned to provide his flight cover. Captain Burroughs has noted his flight turning away from their assigned escorts and heading back home on several occasions while he's had to continue on as the lone protector. A most unsettling situation.

Carrick, congrats to 2nd Lt. Snodgrass on his DSO, (cough cough, means nothing, cough cough, sim fluff, cough cough). Just kidding. Drinks are on Ace everyone! Not kidding.

CatKnight, looks like young Dudley did just fine getting back home on his own, though plowing straight through that large cloud may not have been the best idea. They can twist you up a treat if they choose to.

LtCasey, as noted here by others, the N11 is a much better mount than the N16, so I wouldn't be to quick to wish the former gone. Maybe you can jump right to the N17 and avoid the dud altogether though I doubt HQ will be so kind.

Wonderful reports and stories and screenies everyone, and as always thanks for sharing them here. My morning coffee always tastes that much better when I can sit and catch up with everyone's adventures.


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