Originally Posted By: Olham
Robert, if you managed to show only your flight members and no enemies, that should be okay.
Even better though: additional symbols on your wingmates' planes (you should back up the
original skins first then).

I wished the enemy planes would also pass me and my people by - but they always go for us.
Maybe that's why Flanders North is "medium", and Flanders South "hotspot"?

Olham; I made the changes to the labels so none show now, and I added symbols to the squadron wings and body for easy identification. My custom skins are JSGME enabled so no need to backup the originals. I can just swap the custom ones out by JSGME in one click.

Regarding the AI activity between Medium and Hot spot I cannot comment until I get to a Hot Spot. So far I am happy they don't always attack. They seem to avoid contact when they are outnumbered, and if it is the other way around my leader seems to make the correct decision to leave. Only the devs could answer that ?

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