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In Alsace with an EIII, you will mostly have to fight mountains. smile2

Yes, I Love flying bush planes in FSX, but never have to worry about being shot down by other planes.
Squirrelly Shirley needs Tundra tires!

Me too, I run an Air Hauler company in western Canada / Alaska. I fly a C185 Skywagon with tundra wheels among other planes.

I've thought about those type of addons quite a bit. I basically do it in my mind by overloading planes and making resort drop offs, adjusting the payload after landing. Don't have the C185, sure looks nice though. I do have Carenado's C337. Aerosoft's Beaver, Twotter and PBY... Flight Replica's cub package, and super cub...Real Air's ACA Scout packages are my favorites. Aside from the stock Goose and Maule Orion. Real Air's FW-190 and Spitfire are my speedsters.

Do you have any of the Orb-X addons? I've thought about them quite a bit. I'm using Tongass Fjords, some Aerosoft airports, UTX and GEX stuff, and several good freeware rural scenery addons.