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Jul 10, 1916.

After formation was posted for 0612 flight to bomb rail-yard at Vaux Vermrdios. Scary Flt over numerous Hun Airfields. WX: broken clouds at 7000ft 6/ 10ths cloud cover. It looked like 2 bombs hit in area plus 3 more on out skits. Outbound spotted Cover flight of 3 A/c still going to target area. Upon landing found out that 2 of their a/c were missing. B flt had 2 lt damage from Ground fire.

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1320 Hrs.: Got rolled for Six. 2 a/c plus 1 top cover.

Short Hop to Bapaume Spur line: launched in rain. WX scattered cloud and rainy overcast in spots. My bombs released too early missed wing man missed. Turning for home ran into 2 Roland C-IIs and shot it out, I got hits fired 100 rds Gunner fired 57 rds. ( we both claim a kill) Broke for home and had a Blue Roland put 37 hits in my kite and at least 1 in me. Landed our side on a short dirt road with Hateful looking Telegraph poles by side slipping the a/c. Taken to 1st aid shack. down for 6 days wounded

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