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Tnx Corsaire. I do like the added FOV when zoomed out but I find it more difficult to keep the sight picture correct. It must be my eyes. Actually Im not zoomed in, I'm in normal default setting.

That's why it's interesting to see how other people fly, and this DiD campaign is great for exchanging ideas and experience.

I said zoomed in compared to me, but I see it is the default. I usually fly around in all zoom out to have a wide FOV and my gauges in sight, when combat starts I usually zoom in one click.

I see also many people make flat turnarounds when an e/a flies opposite direction, I'm rather fan of immelmanns to reverse, as it gives me some height and acceleration over the e/a once I go down the other way (rather than bleeding speed in a tight turn). I try to start it before the e/a is under me to stay close. I also use a lot the high yoyos for the same reason. Well I guess I'm more of a "vertical" guy than "turn and burn" ... smile

It all works and has it's place. It is up to each of us to choose the correct maneuver for the situation at hand. I wish I could always do that!!! yep

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