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Second. Does anyone have a quick list of recce/bomber squadrons available on 6/6/16? A quick in game look and I didn't come across any French squadrons (the closest one was dated 10/9/16). And if you enlist with Britain I don't think you can transfer to a French unit, right?

You raise a good point there.
There could be a problem with the rules if you want to fly for french Aronautique Militaire. You are supposed to spend 5 hours in a two seater before transferring to a fighter unit. Problem is that first two seater unit for France I find in the game is SOP 5 in Alsace in Sept 1917 flying Sopwith Strutters.
There is no two seater french unit in 1916, which was always surprising for me (but not so much because you are missing many reco/bomb french planes like the Caudron, Farman - or even later the Breguet XIV B2 or Salmson 2 which were both built and used in large numbers)

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