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For my own question,what are flares used for?

Flares have no meaning in WOFF afaik.
In real life, they used them for specific signals, as they could not communicate much.
British scout leaders used green flares at the end of patrols as washout signals.
I never saw a list of which colour meant what, in German units.

I think they would be great as a way for flight leader to show his intentions.Starting the climb out:D,attack,RTB,land at this airbase.When you become flight leader your plane could shoot the correct color flares for each of the commands you give.

This is exactly what we do in Rise of Flight multiplayer coop missions.
Red is attack signal, green is to regroup on leader (and give the take off signal), white for the leader is all RTB, white for a wingman is "I leave the flight and RTB" - also a white flare is fired on approach of airfield to signal you are landing. Which leaves yellow for anything particular linked to the mission and decided before take off.

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