The re-run to Houplin wasn't considered a success by HQ although I did make a point to spray bullets at every hangar and the field itself. At least they are not making us go back.

In the afternoon, I was sent off on a lone wolf patrol. The idea is to surprise the enemy, but I was surprised by two Eindeckers while still climbing for altitude on our side of the lines. But not so surprised that I didn't see them at all. I made use of the DH2's superior flat turning to keep altitude while waiting for an opportunity to strike. First one, then the other decided this was a silly game to play over enemy territory and broke for home.

Bad idea to do that second. I was on his 6 and got in a solid burst at 30 yards. He went down and I saw him crash.

Later on I was attacked by 3 Eindeckers over Houplin. This time I was on the enemy side of the line and thought that my number was up. Happily the Eindeckers have no stamina. I turned, climbed west and then turned to face them. Then I repeated the process until I reached the lines after 5 miles that lasted an eternity.
The last Eindecker who had stayed with me decided he had had enough of me and headed East.

With no small amount of relief I flew home to Abeele.