Well, I could not stand watching all of you have all the fun. So as Jack Nicholson said. "I'm Baaaack.! New pilot is Flt. Sub Ltn. Eastwood, RNAS 4. I plan to stay here through the duration, if I live that long.

June 26. Dawn mission. Bomb front lines NW of Lille. 2 DH2"s from RFC 29 as escorts. Cloudy for a bombing mission if you ask me but I just take orders. Nearing our target, the flight leader dives on some EIII's down below. I survey the situation and watch until I spot a lone EIII on the edge of the fight. Dove too steep and heard some ripping and tearing so eased up a bit, circled and came in behind my victim. He exploded in mid air. I heard my gunner pop off a few rounds and now I am the hunted. We danced for a bit and much to my relief, Major Barton came in and shook him off. I was able to turn and get behind him and sent him to the ground as well. I dropped my eggs where I was and headed NW. Landing back at Coudekerque I find Major Barton in OK but Stevens and his Ob. went down in flames.

June 26. Afternoon Mission. Arty spotting. 2 of us and I am to lead. 6 Nieups as Escorts. Somehow I miss the escorts so carry on with the mission. A little past Bethune we start our spotting. I notice an HA climbing up to disrupt our mission. He was alone and once he was close enough I turn while he is still a bit below us and give him a warm welcome. He goes into a dive but I did not take the bait and stayed up. We finished our spotting duty and headed back. A little NW of Bethune I see 2 HA trying to catch us. One soon turns home but the other stays with us. Ashford could not stand it any longer and turns to engage. By the time I climb and turn around he has sent him spinning into the ground. We formed back up and headed home, landing and Immediatly head to the mess to celebrate his victory.

June 27. Dawn Mission. 2 Machines to attack rail yard. 4 Nieups for escorts. Meet with escorts and head SSE to target. Near Bethune I spotted 6 machines coming our way a little above us. I think it is a flight of BE's. coming home. Imagine my horror when they get close enough and I see crosses on their wings! Avitacks. I almost crapped myself thinking the Germans had a new biplane scout. We pressed forward and the escorts head for the Huns. So much for escorts. Near Lens I noticed the escorts coming back. Dropped our eggs on the rail yard, made a circle to see the damage and headed home. Report was I had 16 hits with my 4 eggs. CO said "Job well Done"

June 27. Afternoon Mission. 4 machines. Arty spotting. 3 escorts. Escorts on time and on to the front lines around Bethune. Made 1 circle and headed back. We were supposed to spot for 25 minutes! What the heck. I guess Barton does not want to miss tea. Near Steenvoorde, Barton waves us on and drops out. Back at base we learned that Barton had crashed and burned trying to land, killing him and his observer. I took this hard as he saved my ass yesterday. I have a feeling this will be a long war.

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