That is correct Olham. I am no great sim pilot but I have flown the DH2 a lot as it is one of my all time favorite planes. She turns well with ailerons and elevator. If you make a hard banking turn and use rudder to boot it's spin time. I would not call it a death spin. You can get out of it easy unless you are at low altitude. I received my transfer to RFC24 today so off on a mission I go. We attacked 2 EA and I thought I had one but Maj. Hawker claimed it and my word was no good against his. I formed back up on him and we circled but the other feller didn't show up so we start our climb. I am looking, looking, no enemy that I can see. OK we are good I think when RIP, Bang, tear, bloody googles. Not sure what I did for evasive maneuver but it put me into a spin. Got out of it ok, trailing black smoke headed west. Engine running OK, Fuel OK, 5 miles to the lines. Another glance behind and there is a Roland on my tail, some flyer named Olham I think. I turn and he makes a run for it so I do too. Back in the hospital but I'm still here!

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