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MFair that was quite a flight, pity about the Titanium fence. I would reckon when Ziggy Zapotek bites the dust you can start again at A but with a different name to avoid confusion. And as Maeran says the start date would be very different. I don't report on those - I did at one time but all I know is the capture date in 2014 which is not necessarily the flight date in 1916. And as you can do many sorties between capturing your data it is incorrect for the web to ask you for a date. How I really keep track of the data for each pilot is that the respondent data for any survey is numbered consecutively. So your captures might be 34, 68 and 92 or so. So 92 is that last in that case.

That was in jest Jim. I will most likely bow out somewhere around Jack Johnson!

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