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Pursuant to the guidelines set forth by le Bureau de Guerre Belgique, (Belgi oorlog kantoor), Sergeant Achille Coppens is hereby authorized to wear the Soldat Belge Hors Combat for the duration of his recovery and recuperation.

The people of Belgium respectfully thank you for your patriotism, your loyalty, and your sacrifice.


P.S. Thanks for these "out of game" medals, Lou...they are great!

I found this definition on the "Soldat Belge Hors Combat" medal: "It was given to Belgian soldiers on convalescence leave in France. Purpose was to easily recognise this category of soldiers and not mistake them for deserters. So unlike the SWB which was to avoid public scorn this badge was meant to avoid the MP's."

So now when I sneak out of the hospital at night for a few medicinal beers I'll not be arrested hahaha

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Can you say "JABO!" thumbsup