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German naval air service and their ranks are missing from the site, Jim. I tried to report my first flight, but I couldn't.

I didn't know about them. Please give the ranks. For the moment capture other German ranks and I will fix it later....

Remember that rank makes no difference to the points you get. Es macht nicht.

The German naval ranks in WOFF are, from lowest to highest: Flugmaat, Oberflugmaat, Flugmeister, Vizeflugmeister, Oberflugmeister, Leutnant zur See, Oberleutnant zur See.

Which one is the equivalent of 'Sergeant' in British ranks? I will not add on ranks lower than that even if they exist. That would be the DID Campaign starting rank.

What is the Naval Air Service called in German? And what is the German air arm called in German? I want to get the web pages as accurate as possible.

Oh, I have just checked and apparently Flugmaat is the equivalent of Sergeant Major.

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