Note to all pilots: As we are not to use the WOFF medal assignments I will remove that question from the web survey questionnaire. Medals will be given by RAF_Louvert and communicated to Olham who will put them in his table which will be published here in Page 1 as usual. So you will not have that question to answer in future once I have updated the web page.

As before, you do not get points for medals anyway, even if they are pretty.

LG 27" 27mp65 monitor; EVGA GTX970 GPU; AMD Ryzen 3500 CPU; Corsair 750w PSU; MSI X470 mobo

RAF 1966-73 Cpl Engine Fitter (Retd.) Trenchard brat 206th Entry
DBA and systems programmer 1981-2005. Now retired since 2014