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Aaaah, now I see what you are getting at Olham, you don't wish to see the unrealistic number
of victories showing in the tally chart. More coffee was needed.

Yeah - without some cups of good coffee I'd often be lost.
So I have drawn me a map with the way from my bed to the coffee machine.
Sometimes I forget it though, to place it by my bed...

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Since that is the concern, yes, you should do a devaluation scale as you propose.
3=1 is fine by me, and since this is your party Olham I say we go with your decision on this item.

Would that feel alright for everyone? I still find it the best solution.

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I am concerned about the lack of credit given by the sim to the B/R pilots when they successfully complete their missions.
As it stands now I believe the only way they will be awarded a medal is by knocking down a few EA.
They should be getting recognized for getting the recce done, and/or bombing the target, and/or getting the guns aligned
during an arty spot.

Lou and all: give me a way to valuate all the two-seater stuff better, and I will do.
I never fly them, so I don't know, if you can easily see when you have accomplished a mission well?

I would actually like to employ you (without any pay - sorry 'bout that...).
You could think of a way to award 2-seater pilots with a set of historically correct medals.
I think you are the right man to come up with a rewarding system, that is plausible,
and that will be accepted by everyone else here. What do you say?

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