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Well, I hear tell that Albert Ward made a special flight to visit Artemus Burroughs in Bertangles medical ward to pay his respects!

And what a much appreciated visit it was! Artemus and Albert had a fine time catching up on each others doings since flying school. Captain Burroughs was pleased to see that Flight Commander Ward was doing so well and they congratulated one another on their achievements and honours. As Artemeus' wounds are not preventing him from moving about he and Albert sat outside and swapped stories and enjoyed several drams of the Glengoyne 17 Albert so thoughtfully delivered. The fruity, spicy, oaky-ness of the scotch went perfectly with the warm August sun that slanted down upon them as they talked. At one point Major Hawker dropped by and introduced himself to Albert, then gave him a ribbing about making a downwind landing at an unfamiliar aerodrome. However, the offer of a dram or two served as sufficient atonement and all was quickly forgiven. The time flew by and as the afternoon stretched into early evening Albert had to take his leave in order to make it home to Coudekerque before dark. Artemus promised a visit of his own to Alberts camp just as soon as the war allowed it and the friends left each other with a hearty handshake and best regards.
Good times. Good, good times.


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