Harry, sometimes those herbal remedies just may be the best. Glad Lazlo was able to manage his way in and out of the Eindecker, however he will want to keep in mind that whole center of gravity issue if he does have his mount altered to fit his plus-size frame.

Lederhosen, a brand new Albatros for Willi, eh? He is a lucky flieger indeed.

Fullofit, the headache powder that Swany has been taking since he left hospital is primarily aspirin, with some caffine added. It has proved a less than effective cure, wonder drug that it may be.

MFair, thanks, glad you enjoyed the episode. And fry bread with just about any kind of jelly or jam - yum.
It looks like Captain Cameron has found the little Nieuport to his liking. Well done on his newly earned ace status! So what is the man's actual total at this point, more than five?

Wulfe, tough luck for Fullard, missing out on one of the new 17s is the short straw to be sure. His luck didn't improve on those claims either. Some days the gods are just hell-bent on conspiring against a fellow.

Carrick, I was thinking they looked more like Russians.