10 Mai 1916

Willi was feeling rather pleased with himself this morning. Finally after four days of continual rain the Kasta could again take to the skies. The cool fresh air cleared last nights romp at the Casino from his head. „The Casino“...Willi had been promoted to Ltn. And naturaly he was expected to celebrate it. All the furniture had been wrecked, and Willi would be helping to find replacements in the afternoon. Willi laughed to himself recounting last nights events. He was introduced to the “Dogfight”, in which you would sit in a chair with four co-pilots to lift you up. The idea being that you had to bring the other Pilots down by getting behind them and pulling them to the ground. Easier said than done.

The bombing raid near Fichneux was finished. Willi and Richter had hit the mark from 3000m. The morning was glorious, not a cloud for miles and no Tommies to bugger things up either. Richter had been avoiding Willi, especially now that he was an Officer. The run home looked simple but Willi wanted to muck about, he was enjoying flying just for the fun of it. Thoughts of Berlin and how it all started entered his minds eye, only to be taken away by little black specks appearing into the sky.

Flak. Someone had visited Bertincourt by the look of it. Richter was gone by now so Willi waggled his Roland a little to let the Passenger know what he had in mind. They were over Lagnicourt now and two permanent spots moving east to west could be made out....Tommy. Fe2b's must of bombed the airfield at Bertincourt. The two must of spotted the “Shark” for they started a slight dive for their lines. The Fe in itself was a fast aircraft but Willi's Roland was at least 500m higher and could afford to exchange altitude for speed and so it didn't take long till Willi had one lined up.

Again this Fe took an incredible amount of lead from his spandau. Three passes later and the Tommy started to slowly spiral downwards. He made no attempt to escape. The Roland circled and waited for his landing. Willi was high enough to pounce on his Tommy should he change his mind and try to make a run for it. Already little gray ants were swarming from the nearby woods, intent on preventing the pilot from burning his aircraft. Willi was elated, his tenth victory, a promotion, and a clear head at last.

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