Wulfe, another outstanding episode in Graham's saga, great storytelling. Watching those flamers though, that's tough no matter who it is caught in it, just gawdawful.

Scout, Aleck looks to be going through a rough patch. I feel for him, trying to link up with another flight for escort is a pain in the arse. They never seem to be where they're suppose to be, or at the correct time.

Fullofit, I hope Gaston can get his own mount back soon, doesn't look right him flying that drab machine. Great screenshots, I particularly like the one with all the Archie puffs.

Carrick, Emile looks like he enjoys messing about with those rockets. Quite the fireworks display.

Raine, some moving stuff there in Jim's most recent telling. Superb writing as always.

MFair, congratulations on Jericho's first confirmed victory, it's about time given the number of encounters he's had with the Hum. Well done.


9 April, 1916
Somewhere in France
3 Squadron, R.F.C.
2nd Lt. Randolph Arvid Swanson, MC & Bar
11 confirmed victories

The team of Swanson and Rankin were awarded one of their three claims from their outing of the 7th, it being the Fokker they had forced down intact. The Eindecker that had rolled over on its back and fallen was awarded to the gunners at the balloon position near Beaumont-Hamel, while their OOC over the mud was not confirmed at all. Captain Rankin was outraged. As a former officer of the 6th Dragoon Guards, having been in the current scrape since its beginning in '14, he was accustomed to being taken at his word. But this whole claims process was ridiculous to his was of thinking. If a gentleman said he'd shot down an enemy plane then by God he should be credited for it. Swany chuckled to himself as he listened to the Captain vent his anger. The younger airman understood exactly how Rankin was feeling, and in fact had made the same complaints himself early on in this combat flying business. But he also understood that no amount of protesting or arguing about it would change a dam'd thing as far as HQ was concerned. The Brass Hats decided what was what; whether or not it made sense to those who had to go along with it was of little concern to them. Swany had no doubt that the Captain knew this to be the case all too well, given how long he'd been in the game. The fellow was simply letting out his frustration.

And speaking of making sense or not, No.3 Squadron was ordered to move again, this time another ten miles to the southeast at a field near Lahoussoye. This was ludicrous, they hadn't even gotten things in order from the last move. None-the-less, camp was broken down, loaded up, and carted off to the new digs while the planes were flown over, and in the dark no less! Fortunately everyone made it without wrecking something. So now, the whole process can begin again, until the next relocation.

Circling to land in the dark at the new field near Lahoussoye, as a searchlight shines from Albert in the distance.

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