Carrick: Real life is such a nuisance smile

Fullofit: Looking forward to hearing about your new fellow. Just keep him away from Verdun!

Raine: Night flying is a certainly challenge. Hope it goes well for Collins and that he enjoys Blighty!

I just went through a fairly major reorganization of my PC setup which has resulted in a much more ergonomically sensible flying / driving position. I've been somewhat distracted from WOFF by Project Cars 2 running in triple screen mode with TrackIR (what a blast) and a complete reinstall of GPL with the '65 mod. However, WOFF is so good that I will find the time for it, and Konrad will be up again later today.

..."I took the Stutter Challenge....AND WON!!!"

...”My PC’s been banned... for taking PEDs!!!”

...”The stutters only happen on Wednesdays when it’s cloudy. The rest of the time we’ll be just fine!!!”