Carrick: Real life is such a nuisance smile

Fullofit: Looking forward to hearing about your new fellow. Just keep him away from Verdun!

Raine: Night flying is a certainly challenge. Hope it goes well for Collins and that he enjoys Blighty!

I just went through a fairly major reorganization of my PC setup which has resulted in a much more ergonomically sensible flying / driving position. I've been somewhat distracted from WOFF by Project Cars 2 running in triple screen mode with TrackIR (what a blast) and a complete reinstall of GPL with the '65 mod. However, WOFF is so good that I will find the time for it, and Konrad will be up again later today.

System: i5 8600K @ 3.6GHz,16GB DDR4 @2666MHz. RTX2080, MSI Z370 mobo, Dell 27" G-SYNC @ 144Hz. 2560x1440