Carrick, no Hun is a good Hun.

Otto Bernhard (Obi for short) von Kenobi was born on 13 September 1884 in Vadersdorf, a small village in the Fehmarn, while his father Kurt and pregnant mother Hilda were touring their lands. The sudden onset of labour forced the birth in the carriage. He was an only child after poor Hilda vowed never have to go through another childbirth. Otto was drawn to the military from a young age, joining military school in Berlin. He has attained the rank of Leutnant in cavalry by the start of hostilities. With his sabre in hand he would participate in advanced raids in Belgium. That is until getting wounded by a stray shell from the German guns. His right hand would be less than ideal for holding his sabre. Rather than give up, he would order a custom-made shorter and lighter model. This light sabre would never leave his side. With the war progress grinding to a halt on the Western Front, Otto turned to the skies and entered flight school in Hamburg. After graduation he was posted to Unit 6 Tayyare Bölük, Dardanelles, where he flew Fokker Eindeckers over Gallipoli. It would be in Turkey that he would meet his best friend and pilot Hans Oläf. Together with a Turkish pilot Chuba Khan, who would be very hard to understand, the trio would get into all sorts of trouble. Otto, as the oldest of the group would always bring order to the rest of the rowdy bunch with his stern look. The other two pilots would come to call it the Death Stare.
One fateful May evening in 1916 the trio would be spending their free time at their usual watering hole, a local tavern, where they would meet an American by the name of Bob Buffet and his lovely companion, the Princess. No one really believed the pretty girl was royalty, but they went along anyway, indulging her as she downed shot after shot of Smirnoff. The next morning they would find out from Buffet that the mysterious Princess has been arrested and is now being interrogated inside the Turkish prison. The smitten officer went to see the prisoner and decided to assist the fair Princess after her heartrending plea for help: “- Help me Obi von Kenobi, you’re my only hope!” That evening Obi, Hans and Chuba with the help of the American Bob Buffet, freed the Princess from the Turkish police, but were soon discovered and charged with aiding the enemy. They were all shocked to learn they’ve helped release a Russian spy and in fact a member of the Romanov family. A certain Princess Layla. This stunt put the trio on death row, but because they were Imperial officers, except for Chuba Khan, they would be transferred into German custody to be properly disciplined. No one knows what became of Khan. Oläf was summarily discharged and sent to Mesopotamia to train peregrine falcons for the local Sheik. Otto was demoted to the rank of Feldwebel and sent back to Western Front to serve as a pilot in a local Kasta. To be continued ...

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."