Lou, Toby took your advice and is getting his behind chewed out. Thanks for that!
Like Wulfe said, nice job if you can get it - all those preserves and not a Hun around.

Speaking of Wulfe, that was one exotic mission. Glad it was successful. And pulling the Ace status - well, well. Don’t we feel important! Seriously, all we now need are some ladies to swoon over our war hero, or does Fullard have an eye for a certain baroness? Great story. I’m glad you didn’t retire this old N.16 driver.

Harry, I’ve finally seen the light!

And the wait is over. Welcome to the front Drogo! MFair great start and already getting under the skin. No regard for regulations just like his pal Bruno. I expect great things from the latest Flieger.

28 August, 1916 late afternoon
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
FL Tobias Chester Mulberry
10 confirmed kills
Awaiting 1 claim confirmation

‘Daddy’ was ripping the young pilot a “new one”.
“- I understand your frustration, but that is no excuse to strike an officer!” His dressing down was severe and he felt sorry for Mulberry standing at attention in front of his desk with his left arm in a sling. The blood was seeping through the bandage. It was a fresh wound, thankfully superficial.
“- Now explain to me what happened and why I shouldn’t throw you in the brig.” He lit a cigarette and relaxed in his armchair as if to be entertained by a good story.
“- I can’t stand the man. He is going to kill both ...” Captain Elder stopped Mulberry mid sentence: “- I don’t care how you feel about him. Start from the beginning.”
Toby took a deep breath, he needed to calm down.
“- This was our second mission of the day. We’ve been ordered to bomb Nancy NE Spurline Junction. As soon as we were in the air all hell broke loose. We knew the Huns were raiding the aerodrome. We could see Archie going off ahead. There were three of them and all came down together in a nice formation as if this were a parade. When they came closer two of them went after me and one after Colburn. The Hun on his tail nearly had him and I was able to get him in my sights and fire. That Fokker went down into our field.”
“- Our boys are still levelling that crater.” Elder interjected.
“- Right. Then I was able to quickly get on the tail of another one. A green one I think and was giving him what for. Alford was firing all this time, but hitting nothing.”
“- We can’t all be eagle-eyed Davy Crockett.” Elder tried to defend Alford.
“- Sir, having poor aim is one thing. Shooting at the sky while cowering in the back is another.” Mulberry had no pity for his gunner. “- I depend on my gunner to cover my back. He didn’t and the third Hun got us.” Toby moved his wounded arm to prove the point. He winced immediately as the pain surged through the arm.
“- Alright,” ‘Daddy’ admitted defeat. “- What would you have me do? I don’t have another gun layer to replace Alford. I’m afraid you’re stuck.”
“- Sir, if it’s all the same to you, I’d rather fly alone than chauffeur this sack of sh ...”
“- Lieutenant! Watch your language! This is the Royal Navy Air Service and not a Thames tugboat. Keep it professional.” Elder had to interrupt Toby again.
“- What am I going to do with Alford?”
“- Why not send HIM on a Thames tugboat to polish the anchor chains?”
The two men begun to laugh. “- So it’s settled then, from now on you fly by yourself until I can find a replacement for ... your ballast.” ‘Daddy’ put out his cigarette and Toby breathed easier. It was done. He was finally rid of that scum.
Mulberry was about to leave.
“- One more thing, Lieutenant. This Fokker you’ve just made a hole in my field with is going to the airfield defense crews.” Toby frowned. “- But the one you brought down near the Fontaine aerodrome two days ago has been confirmed, congratulations.”
“- Thank you, Sir!” Toby was about to run out to share the good news.
“- I’m not done yet, Lieutenant. You have also been promoted to Flight Commander. It is against my better judgment in light of recent events, so I hope this will give you something to think about. Congratulations Commander. Now act like one! Dismissed.”

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."