Some very exciting stories gentlemen! You all really do set a high bar.

Lou, Oh my word! That was way too close Pard! Wonderful screen shots to go with the story.

Lt. Mark Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome
47 combat missions
9 engagements with the enemy.

Jericho was in a real funk. The weather had been crap for weeks. The constant flying in rain, snow and sleet was not doing much for his mood. To add insult to injury, his old OG Captain Whorton had returned to duty. Jericho was glad to see him well. He was a good man. Little did he know that within 48 hours he would be dead. Killed by a Hun bullet while flying a gunner for Capt. Gridder.

Moon, the beautiful horse that Capt. Gibbs had acquired for the squadron had been one of the few things that brought Jericho joy. It reminded him of a simpler time before circumstances had landed him in the middle of a war in France. He spent much of his off time working with Moon and taking a stroll around the base.

It seemed every day they were over the lines bombing some rail junction. For the past week that is all they had been doing. Lucky for him and his OG, Lt. Christian, most had been uneventful. Jericho and Dickens had just returned from bombing Athies Junction. As usual the weather was crap but it had cleared over the target enough for them to see what they were supposed to hit. Just after the drop their 3 escorts had dove on 4 Fokkers. They had done well in keeping them off but the flight behind Jericho's had taken some damage from them. Jericho saw his bombs totally miss the target but enough of the others had hit it to garner the mission a "Well Done" from the Major.

Jericho was told C Flight would bomb Vimy Junction on the morrow. "What else is new?" he thought to himself.

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