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Carrick, steady as she goes. Watch this two seaters.

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James Cameron.
Aug. 20, 1916
The last two days had been uneventful flights but beautiful flying weather. Today! Five machines were to guard one our four Strutters on a bombing mission to Loo’s Junction. The flight had been attacked by 2 monoplanes near Lens. James had sent one down which crashed into a building but 2 of the flight were wounded and the Strutters was shot down killing both the pilot and observer. On top of all James’s claim was rejected. It was not a good day.

Aug. 21
Three of us were to destroy the balloon east of Dicksmunde. About halfway over the mud James saw Harlow, his Irish friend pull up and dive. At first James thought the man was daft when a monoplane passed directly overhead. James pulled up and reversed directions. He and Capt. Gally tag teamed the Fokker. One behind James fired a burst and the Hun flipped over and went straight down. He looked to port and there was Gally not 20 meters away. He saw Harlow headed home and checked the sky. Empty. “Where had Gally gone” he thought. The target balloon was in sight a mile away so he went to it fired his rockets. Nothing. Turning about he made a pass with the Lewis and sent it down in flames. James turned for home and spotted Gally in his Pup below headed in the same direction. Back at base Gally said he did not see James send down the Fokker nor hit the balloon. James was livid but knew better than to make a stink in front of the Commander. Gally walked by James and made a comment about the amount of “claims” he was racking up. James looked the Capt. in the eye and said “One day...Sir....I feel you and I will have a serious disagreement” to add insult to injury, his frien Harlow had been wounded and carted off to a clearing station.

Aug. 22.
The morning mission was a walk in the park patrolling friendly territory. That afternoon was to be another, south toward Abeele. Southwest of Droglandt, Flight Commander Keeble’s Pup dropped nose over like a stone and the other two Pup’s followed. James put his fragile Nieuport in a dive but could not keep up with them fearing he would tear the wings off. Ahead, the trio leveled out at about 300m and then James saw the trio of monoplanes just above the tree tops ahead. By the time he arrived the fight was on. He dove on a Fokker coming in behind him and let off 3 bursts. The pilot slumped over in the cockpit and went into the ground. James pulled up to starboard and saw another Fokker a little below. He hit jerked the stick over and hard rudder slipping the Nieuport in behind him and soon had the engine pouring black smoke when it to went into the ground. Pulling up he could see two columns of black smoke not 50 yards apart. As it happens all he could see was one Pup headed home in the distance. Landing back at St. Pol he was greeted by FC Keeble. “Mr. Cameron! That was as fine an exhibition of flying as I’ve ever seen! Splendid, just splendid!” Lt. Grange another of the flight joined in with the accolades. Both were confirmed in short order.

Aug. 23.
James and Keeble were to patrol friendly territory again at 0700. Returning home Keeble abruptly turned east and James followed. James finally saw the two seater the Flight Commander was chasing about a mile distance. During the chase James was shocked to see another Aviatikbehimd to port. He turned to make a head on pass. He missed on the pass but came up on his stern and below. The big machine filled his windscreen when he opened fire. On his 4th long burst the Hun exploded into pieces. James scrunched down in the cockpit and closed his eyes. H
When he opened them up he was shocked he was still alive. Keeble came up beside him with a thumbs up fist. Together they flew home. Nearing St. Pol James’s engine gave out and he landed on a nearby road. It was not long before Keeble came by with the Lorry to fetch the victorious pilot. They attacked Ghistelles in the afternoon but to no effect.

At mess in the evening the squadrons newest Ace was roundly toasted by everyone, even Gally who was across the table. James could see he did not like like the turn of events. “You have four am I not right Captain?” James asked. “That’s right Mr. Cameron. What of it?”
James took a sip of his drink. “Oh, nothing Sir. Just wanted to make sure I was correct.”

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