About transfers and awards - a reminder

Congrats, Fullofit, on your quick transfer.

In case you are all wondering, about two weeks ago Fullofit had a random visit from the Campaign gods informing him that he could apply for a transfer to Escadrille N37. In keeping with the premise of the Deep Immersion Campaign, this is something we can each hope for in time. In his case, the build-up of French scout squadrons in the Verdun sector (and Gaston's knack for annoying his various bosses) suggested the move. In time, we'll all get the call.

Also, awards will be issued by the Campaign gods, following historic norms. While German pilots can announce their Ehrenbechers when they get them in-game, all other awards will come from the Campaign Gong Fairy (AKA Louvert). The only exception are Lou himself, who'll get his awards from me, and me, who will rely to Lou to confirm any of my pilot's awards.

At least one British mention in despatches is in the works, but since Haig did not issue his first despatch until May 1916, MiD's will not be announced until mid-May -- should the recipient(s) live so long!

Have fun!!!