Carrick, there is nothing wrong with that landing. That's how you're supposed to land in a Nieuport 12.

29 March, 1916 9:45
Senard, Verdun Sector
Escadrille N37
Adjutant Gaston A. Voscadeaux
4 confirmed kills

Gaston was pleased to find out his Fokker from yesterday was confirmed.

The mission for today was arty spotting over the front sector north of St. Mihiel salient. Caporal Mondeme was dilly dallying behind in his lonely N12, while Ltn. Dagonet took the ‘B’ flight ahead for an advanced sweep. It was a good move as the skies were teeming with hungry Fokkers. Right over the front the leader of the ‘B’ flight gave signal for attack and dove at something that Gaston couldn’t see from his position. He followed and soon noticed one of the monoplanes diving away for cover. He gave chase but as he checked his rear for any surprises he noticed Dagonet chasing two more Eindeckers. Voscadeaux instantly forgot about the fleeing Hun and joined his wing leader in the hunt. Gaston’s wingman, Adjutant Adelus was no help. He disappeared at the beginning of the action, chasing another monoplane. Each of the pilots settled on one target and chased it all over the sky. The Boche tried all sorts of tricks to shake Gaston off, but the French pilot would have none of that. He was not duped by the fake spins the Germans were so fond of and finally one of Voscadeaux’s volleys severed control linkages on the Fokker. He snapped a roll that could not have been faked and plunged toward the earth. A smoking crater was all that was left of the gallant foe just north of the Foret de la Reine. Gaston didn’t waste much time examining his work. He knew there were more Huns to be dealt with. He soon noticed two machines in the distance engaged in a fight with Flak going off around one of them. That had to be Dagonet still locking horns with his stubborn opponent. Gaston gave chase to support his wing leader. The pair disappeared into the clouds, but Gaston was already chasing two more Fokker-like shapes retreating toward Bechamps. He was now into enemy territory and little apprehensive, having his recent adventure behind the lines freshly etched into his mind. He followed nonetheless and soon was near the enemy aerodrome, when he noticed on his port side a monoplane getting ready to land. The Hun was oblivious to Gaston’s presence and soon found himself in Voscadeaux’s sights. His aim was true and his target was presently careening down into the field below. The crews and mechanics watching this battle above them must have been shocked to see their feared Eindecker being dispatched with ease by this new weapon their enemy had in the arsenal. The humiliation was nowhere nearly over when Gaston noticed one more machine circling the field. He was on him in a matter of seconds and prepared a hot-lead welcome. The Boche was good and put up a good fight after the initial shock of surprise. Gaston’s bullets found the engine and the Boche desperately looked for a place to put down his machine as his propeller came to a stop. Voscadeaux watched the Flieger struggle with controls but able to land the stricken Eindecker in a farmer’s field. “Until we meet again, Herr Boche!” Gaston begun to climb in the westerly direction being chased by the angry puffs of Flak. Once over the trenches, Gaston made a beeline for the aerodrome. As he touched down he saw Ltn. Dagonet circle the field. He came back empty handed. His Fokker slipped away. Adjutant Adelus, on the other hand, called in that he needed a lift as he had to put down on the road with a dud engine. The good news was that he bagged a Hun for himself. Good on him! Maybe there is a scout pilot in him after all? Gaston made his own claims on the tercet of Boches and went for lunch. It didn’t take long to confirm 2 of them. One was called in by the troops in the trenches who witnessed Gaston’s first kill and the other one was by none other than Dagonet himself who saw the Eindecker in the field as he was returning from his chase. No one could confirm Gaston’s victory over the airfield. Maybe he should telegram Bechamps aerodrome and ask? Regardless, these latest victories made Gaston an Ace! Le Capitaine was ecstatic and called Gaston into his office to congratulate him. There was also another reason. Gaston was to be promoted to Sous Lieutenant. He should think of painting his mount to mark this occasion. Gaston had already something in mind.

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."