Wulfe, excellent stories as always. Glad to see you are getting a break from the madness.
Scout, I am jealous Sir! A scout squadron. Reading your last mission you may want to take care so you can see this transfer through.
Fullofit, that is one fine looking machine. Nice touch!
Lederhosen, stay clear of those brightly painted machines. Usually are not rookies. Nice to see the boys in the trenches getting their view.

Lt. Mark Jericho
Bruay Aerodrome

The hog hunt yesterday was just what Jericho needed. Almost 3 months of combat flying were starting to take its toll. His last mission on the 20th before the weather closed in made him snap. Before takeoff at 9 he and Christian were told that their claim was denied. That had really chapped his saddle. Now they were circling southeast of Bruay waiting for the DH2 escorts. Jericho had never seen a DH2 but he sure wanted to. The weather was cloudy but not too bad except for the wind. He was having a time keeping formation with Griffen and Dickens. They circled for 20 minuets before Griffen signaled that they were going without them. Jericho was fuming. "Seven miles behind the lines to bomb Haubourdin with no escorts! This is insane!" He kept waiting for Griffen to take them higher but they crossed the lines at 1500'. Jericho considered letting his eggs go over the German trenches and heading back but he kept going. At one point he shouted at Dickens "Go ahead you son of a B#@ch, kill us all!!" knowing full well he could not hear him. Over Haubourdin archie came up with a vengeance! It rocked the three machines about something awful. Jericho heard the shrapnel shriek by It made his skin crawl knowing first hand what a piece of it could do. Finally Griffen dropped his eggs and Jericho and Dickens followed. All three turned around and headed back with the archie following them. Jericho scanned the skies for the Fokkers he knew would come but they never did.

As soon as they landed Jericho jumped from is Morane and made a beeline for Griffens machine. "That was bulls#%t Captain! No escorts and at 1500' for god's sake! I don't mind dyin' but I'll be da#@ed if I am going to put my head on a silver plater!"
"Stand down Lieutenant!" Captain Griffen said. Christian got between the Captain and Jericho with his palms up toward Jericho. He knew better than to put a hand on him at the moment. "Easy Mark! Take a breath and turn around. Let it go." Christian said. With that Jericho took one more look at the captain and left.

Jericho was in his hut when Morris, the batman entered. "Pardon Lieutenant but you are wanted in the Major's office immediately Sir." Jericho was far from calmed down but he knew he had overstepped. "On my way " he replied. When he entered the Major's office he was sitting at his desk with Captain Griffen standing to one side. He came to the desk and stood at attention giving his best salute. The Major eyed him for a few minuets and then stood up, tapping his finger on his desk for a few moments. "I have tolerated your outbursts because you are from America fighting for us of your own free will. To be clear Lieutenant, and I want to make this very clear. The only reason you are not court martialed at worst, or sent to another squadron to give someone else a headache is that Captain Griffen here says your one of the best pilots in the squadron!" The Major eyed Jericho for a few moments to let his words sink in. "Do you have anything to say Lieutenant?!" he added.

"Yes Sir! I'll fly with the Captain any time he takes a notion.....Sir" The Major looked at Griffen and asked. "Is that satisfactory to you Captain?" The Captain looked at the Major and answered "Satisfactory Sir."
"You are dismissed Lieutenant" the Major said as he sat down. "By the way Lieutenant" the Major said stopping Jericho in his tracks. Jericho turned around to face the Major again. When he did the Major looked up "It seems C Flight gave Haubourdin a black eye. Well done!"
"Thank you Sir. With all due respect she was hard to miss from 1500!" Jericho said as he saluted and walked out.

The Major looked at Captain Griffen."He's all yours Captain" he said shaking his head.

"Thank you Major" said Captain Griffen. "He's a bit of an odd bird but one good pilot and he has not shied away from a fight yet."

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