11th März 1916

Willi flipped the magneto's and the fuel tap off. As the air-screw stopped, Willi's ground crew parked the Aviatik under the hanger.
The adjutant was waiting and gave a casual nod indicating that he wanted to talk to Willi.

Not waiting for Willi to disembark,
"I see that no Franzmänner were around this morning."

"No Sir, none at all. Still... it was a clear day for a Recce. Plates should be quite good Sir."

"Yes as always......Willi your things have been packed and I have travel orders for you here. Your to clean up and turn your stores in ASAP. All maps just leave them here with your riggers. Bit short on the notice I know, but orders came in as you were up. Seems Verdun needs new Pilots, and quite quickly too I might add. A transport is waiting for you. When you get to Metz you are to report to Frescaty, Kasta 11. It's run by a Hauptmann Manfred Gustmann. Aviatiks again but rumor has it that newer type "C" aircraft have been alloted to them."

"Yes Sir"

"Willie..... I hope you find what your looking for at Verdun. We all wish you the best of luck."

They shook hands and parted. Willi still a little dazed, turned his maps over and thanked his crew.

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