Lt. Mark Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome

Feb. 28, 1916

Jericho was in fine spirits today. His friend James had given him Moon, the fine squadron gelding. His only hitch was that he had to teach him how to ride. Jericho had never received such a fine gift. As they flew toward Nieuport to do some arty spotting with one Nieuport scout as escort Jericho could not wait to see the Channel again. He did not really know why. He just wanted to see it. As they approached the patrol area just as they had arrived over the lines their escort broke away after 3 Eindeckers that were coming in to spoil their plans. Griffen signaled to scrub the mission and the 3 Moranes headed west. One if the Eindeckers chased them as his friends kept the Nieuport busy. Dickens was lagging behind Jericho could see the Eindecker was not going to let go. Over Veurne, with the Fokker still on Dickens tail and gaining ground Jericho shouted "Enough of this S*#t!" and turned the Morane around to engage. Christian opens up as they meet and the Eindecker turns his attention to Jericho and Christian. Around and around they went with Christian getting in a burst when he could. Jericho was getting a little concerned as this Hun was good! Looking back he saw tracers coming up to the Fokker and saw Dickens below with his gunner giving the Hun a pretty good burst. That's all it took and the Hun retreated back over the lines. Griffen was no where to be seen which put Jericho as flight leader. Their escort was gone and they most likely had just enough fuel to get back to Auchell so Jericho made the decision to call it a day and they headed back to their home.

When they landed, after telling Christian he did a fine job, Jericho walked over to Dickens who was climbing out of his Morane. "I sure do appreciate you coming back Hoss. That Hun was on us like a tick!" Dickens replied, "You didn't think I was going to let you have all the fun did you ol' boy! Besides, I think the thanks go to you and your gunner." With that they shook hands and started walking to debrief. Swany yelled at Jericho and trotted over to him. "James is wounded!" Swany said. Jericho was stunned! "how bad?" he asked.
"Not sure, He got his bus down in one piece but all I know is that he was shot in the face. Swany replied.
Jericho was silent. James had given him the finest gift he had ever received and now he was wounded. "D@#n the luck" Jericho said as he kicked the ground.

March 1st.
C Flight had a new leader for today's show as Griffen had not made it back. He sat down somewhere along the coast with engine trouble. A Lt. Bagley would lead today. Bagley, Jericho and Dickens were to recon and arty spot northwest of Monchy with one escort. It was a beautiful day and Jericho would have been in fine spirits if not for the fact that his friend was lying in a hospital some where. The night before he and Swany had decided "someone's going to pay for this." Halfway through the recon two Eindecker's came out of the sun on to the flight. Bullets slapped the Morane and Jericho instantly took action and turned to throw off his aim. This Hun was good too. Jericho could not shake him and was totally defensive. With him throwing the Morane all over the sky Christian could not get a bead on the Hun. Fact is, he was hanging on for dear life. They were loosing altitude and Jericho's mind was racing with how to get out of this fix when their escort came down and drove the Hun off their tail.They were low over the lines with a bus full of holes but both he and Christian were ok. Jericho climbed west as fast as the old Morane would . He could not spot anyone and they were alone. Once back across the lines he let out a sigh. Then he noticed 2 specks ahead to the south. Thinking this to be Bagley and Dickens he turned in that direction. As they got closer archie opened up on the trailing speck. Once they got close enough he could see it was a Hun on the tail of another Morane. All he could think about was revenge. Before they could reach the pair the Hun broke off and Jericho could see it was trailing smoke. He set a course to intercept it. Obviously the Hun did not have full power as they were gaining on him. Closer and closer they came. Christian was ready. As they passed the smoking Eindecker Jericho could see the pilot slumped a little in his cockpit and Christian let loose a burst and the Huns propeller stopped. They made 2 more passes. Nether time did the Hun take any evasive action. Just before the Eindecker reached the lines he rolled over and crashed in a field. "Bad day for you Pard" Jericho thought with no emotion whatsoever.

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