Another round of ripping yarns Gents! That was a close one Carrick.

Lt. Mark Jericho
Bruay Aerodrome
March 30, 1916
This was the third trip in a row to Haubourdin. Jericho knew the route by heart. Rain and snow had been their companions on all trips. The mission yesterday was a mess. They had climbed to altitude in cloud and rain. Over the rendezvous point it was socked in and the escorts never showed. Captain Griffen took them to the lines but they could barely see each other much less anything else. Griffen wisely chose to abort the mission and they returned home. Today was much the same but visibility was ok. They met their DH2 escorts south of Bethune and headed to Haubourdin. Again, Jericho was a nervous wreck looking for the Eindeckers who never showed. They dropped their loads and made it back to Bruay by noon. They had hit it good and Jericho hoped he had seen the last of the place for a while.
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