Aleck A. MacKinlay

Feb 20, 1916: Big news from several directions.
-The Hun have launched a major attack on the French near Verdun. Chris was right; a big battle WAS brewing and we are not in it.

]-The Major announced that we would see the arrival of a new pilot later in the day. Captain Jake Brown arrived as expected in a brand new Bristol Scout, and after reporting to the Major took her up for some stunt flying over the airfield. The man is an amazing flier, pulling off maneuvers I have never seen. Quite exciting! The man has already downed three enemy planes and I am keen to meet him and hear some stories.

-Our final bit of news was less exciting ... we are being converted to a dedicated observation squadron. Lorries are expected to arrive from St. Omer tomorrow, bringing several BE2c's and taking away all the Fee's. The mechanics are busy breaking down several of the Fees already in preparation for the change. Our Bristols will remain for use as escorts.

Feb 21, 1916: We had a bombing mission to Loos Junction Railroad Station. 'Crazy' Kaleb lead the parade and I followed; we hit the target soundly. We had all three Captains out in their Bristols to sweep the area ahead of us, and thank God for that as they ran into two Eindekkers and shot them down. We saw none of this and only heard about it when we returned to Abeele to find them talking excitedly outside the Officers Quarters.

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