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Konrad Berthold von Blumenthal
June 18th, 1916. Sivry-sur-Meuse, Verdun.
KEK Sivry

Konrad was exhausted, but happy. He'd worked through the night on his EIII's engine. Now he had it running like a dream! Of course, it was still as slow as ever, but the stuttering issues were all but gone. She positively purred along. The sun was just starting to rise, and the forest around Sivry began to shimmer, ruby, pink and gold. Then mechanic Behr appeared at the entry to the hangar, rather spoiling the view.

"What have you been up to, then?", he smirked.

"You will address me as "sir" if you don't mind, or I shall be forced to put you on your arse!".

"Oh, I'm so sorry, "sir", I do apologize", the mechanic replied, putting an emphasis on the word "sir" to make sure Konrad understood that it carried absolutely no respect at all. But Konrad wasn't worried. He had a plan for the nasty little man. Just at that moment Hauptmann Boelcke walked up to the two men. They both snapped to attention.

"What's going on, gentlemen?". Konrad was the first to speak.

"Sir, I believe I've found the source of the problem regarding the engine stutters. It's taken me all night, sir, but well, it seems that the people who should be doing that kind of thing are either too lazy or too interested in their own opinions to bother." He shot a wicked sideways glance at Herr Behr who was beginning to look quite uncomfortable.

"OK, move aside, both of you!" The Hauptmann strode up to the plane and climbed into the pilot's seat, securing his harness. "Don't just stand there, push me out!". Konrad and Behr rushed forward and set to the task. Once out on the field, Boelcke soon had the Eindecker pointed into the wind and was up in the air a few seconds later. Behr and Kondrad shaded their eyes against the morning sun, tracking the craft's progress. After a couple of circuits of the field, Boelcke brought the craft smoothly down and taxi'd back to the hanger.

"Very good!", he shouted out to Konrad as he clambered from the cockpit. He came over, slapped Konrad on the back and grinned. "Well, you won't need the EIV now, will you? This runs perfectly well!". Konrad's stomach knotted and he couldn't help but notice that Herr Behr seemed to be silently giggling. But the very next minute the little mechanic became distinctly uncomfortable again. "Herr Behr, it seems our airmen know more about engines than our mechanics!" The Hauptmann then ordered him to go to the office and wait for him to get there. Behr set off, leaving the Hauptmann and Konrad alone. "Never did like that fellow", said Boelcke. "As for you, young man, good work. I won't keep you in that old thing too much longer though, so don't worry. Do your best to keep up in the meantime. There's a good fellow". He smiled and turned and headed to the office to deal with Behr.

Konrad's plan seemed to be working!

To be continued.....

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