Lederhosen, I hope Willi enjoys Flanders, it may be a bit busier than he is used to.

Fullofit, if there is anyone in the French Air Service that deserves a fresh new mount it is Gaston. He needs to pull rank.

Wolfe, very glad James survived his first encounter with the Walfisch. That is one dangerous Hun plane to go up against.

Carrick, it's tough to go after those Hun two-seaters from below, in particular with a DH-2. Keith will need to take his time and climb above them if he can so that he can dive on them with some speed.

MFair, congrats on Jericho's bump to Lieutenant, a well-deserved promotion to be sure. Too bad though about that stolen kill, we've all been there.

Scout, condolences on the loss of Aleck's squadron mate Safer, it's always hard to lose a man and even worse when he's one of the best in the outfit.

Wonderful, wonderful reading and videos gents, really top hole stuff. Made my morning cuppa' just that much more enjoyable. Many thanks.


3 May, 1916
Farnborough, Hampshire, England
70 Squadron, R.F.C.
Lt. Randolph Arvid Swanson, MC & Bar, CdG
12 confirmed victories

Lieutenant Swanson has been busy at Farnborough getting in what time he can with the two Strutters they've been alotted. The news as of this morning however is that 70 Squadron will now be moving up to Northolt to continue their preperations. Apparently General Trenchard has been raising holy hell around HQ about the lack of planes for his newest unit and has managed to get them another ten spanking new Strutters. However, for some reason, these buses have been delivered to the Northolt aerodrome rather than to Farnborough. It was decided that instead of bringing the planes to the squadron the squadron would be brought to the planes. It did make sense, Farnborough was already a very busy place, both in the air and on the ground, and Northolt has space to spare and very little activity at the moment. So kits are being packed and equipment is being loaded and the unit should be set up in its new digs by tomorrow afternoon. The big plus is that there will now be enough planes for all the pilots and G/Os to practice on regularly, and possibly get at least one flight of 70 Squadron up to full strength so that it can be sent along to France.