Oh Wolfe, not McHarg. Another stellar episode with some great screenshots to boot. Well done!

MFair, the poem Jericho recited to Swany made me laugh out loud. Fortunately, I was not drinking my coffee at the time or I would have been cleaning my monitor ahead of schedule.

Scout, Aleck is more than welcome to have some of the Huns we've been having to deal with at Number 3 Squadron. Funny how different it can be from one AO to the next.

Fullofit, Gaston is getting quite adept with that new kite of his. I'm pulling for him to have that claim confirmed. Super video too.

Carrick, Emile continues to put up the good fight I see. A bit risky though getting out along side a pair of Aviatiks like he did, their crossfire could have been deadly.