Raine: Dolly Mixtures were still a thing when I was at school in London in the 60's. I preferred blackjacks but they made your lips go black. Great detail!

MFair: Congrats to Jericho on #5 but be careful up there!

Wulfe: Get well soon!

Fullofit: Over 40 victories. Very impressive!

Hasse: Congrats to Julius's brother!

Carrick: #%&*$# you, lucky devil with those pinup nurses at your bedside all the time.

Maeran: Welcome back in, good dittys smile


Konrad Berthold von Blumenthal
June 14th, 1916. Sivry-sur-Meuse, Verdun.
KEK Sivry

KEK Sivry had not managed to fly too many sorties due to the weather. Those that they had made were blighted by thick cloud and stiff winds. Konrad was tired of getting lost in the clouds and even more tired of being reprimanded for it. To make matters worse, that dreadful man Strunze had managed to knock down one of those observation balloons. He now had nine victories and a damned medal to go with them! However, Konrad was slightly more cheerful today, since Strunze had had a close call yesterday and ended up in hospital with his wounds. Konrad wasn't sure how badly he'd been hurt and he wasn't planning to visit him to find out. Instead, he was enjoying having the cabin to himself, listening to the rain beat down upon the tin roof, and reading from his collection of saucy magazines. Well, a man has his needs, he thought to himself, smiling lasciviously at the images of young ladies in various states of undress.

Suddenly, a knock at the door had him scrambling to tuck his "literature" under the cot.

"Enter!", he called out. In walked Hptmn. Boelcke, his eyes immediately scanning the room.

"Von Blumenthal, a quick word".

"Sir!", said Konrad, rising to salute.

"Once the weather changes for the better, I want you flying on my right wing. I'm tired of returning to find that you lost your way, or had engine troubles. It seems to be one thing after another. So, from now on you will stick to me like glue, do you understand? This way you will learn how to hunt and to survive. You will watch and learn!". His last few words were barked out, and hung in the air even after he had left the cabin. Konrad cursed under his breath. He suspected he was in for an uncomfortable time ahead.

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